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Meet the Team

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Brandon Darnell

3 words that best describe Brandon:

- Driven -

- Confident -

- Passionate -

Brandon grew up in the geothermal heat pump world since he was just a little tyke. Back in the early 90's, he traveled along side his father, Lyle Darnell, helping his Dad promote the Prairie Wind Heat Pump Association in the Dakotas. Brandon grew up learning all about geothermal heat pumps. Brandon has been in the HVAC/R business for 21 years now. He knows geothermal in and out and he speaks the language very well. Brandon is a visionary, and he sees the value in the people and products, and he knows when to seize an opportunity when that door opens. Brandon is also the current CEO of another company called Energy Dynamics Inc. Energy Dynamics Inc. is the largest distributor of geothermal heat pumps and accessories in the Upper Midwest. Brandon's wheels are always turning, and he is always thinking about new products and how to help others save time and money for their companies. He has confidence in his employees and is  a great leader to the team. and this is what makes Brandon crucial to our company.

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Dave Austerman

3 words that best describe Dave

- Creative -

- Meticulous -

- Determined -


Dave grew up working on his Dad's family farm, working with livestock and putting up hay all summer long. Dave has obtained many different skills from working on the family farm and also working at the Carthage Farmers Elevator over the years. He graduated from Mitchell Technical Institute in 2008 and has been working in the HVAC/R industry for 14 years. Dave worked with Colin during his high school years and while he was attending Mitchell Technical Institute, so he has had a great mentor to work along side with. He has worked on Large Tonnage Rooftop Units, Commercial Refrigeration, Geothermal Units, and so many other heating and cooling products out there. Dave is a determined individual with a creative side to him and can accomplish just about any task that you ask him to do, whether its related to HVAC/R or something he has never done before. He finds a way to get things accomplished in a timely manner, all while having everything done just right. This is what makes Dave an essential part of our team. 

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Colin Wunder

3 words that best describe Colin

- Resourceful -

-Knowledgeable -

- Workaholic -

Colin has been in the HVAC/R, Plumbing, Hydronics and Electrical Industry for over 45 years. He was one of the first Heating Contractors in the State of South Dakota to adopt the idea of infloor radiant heat, back in 1979. Hydronics is second nature to Colin, and he knows just about all there is to know when it comes to heating with water. Colin is very knowledgeable and has worked on just about every piece of equipment from 2 million BTU boiler systems to Steam Radiation, to Dairy Milk Coolers to 150 ton Low Temp Domestic Refrigeration Systems, and the list goes on and on. Colin is a hard working true to his roots kind of guy. He is often the first in the office in the morning and always the last one to leave the office at night. He is dedicated to everything he works on and takes pride in his work, and helping out others. People have said many times that they wished they had just a "sliver" of the information and skills that Colin has obtained over the years, and that's what makes Colin an important part of our team.

Engineering Tools

About Us:

Innovative Hydronic Solutions was formed with one real purpose, and that is to make the tedious task of plumbing a hydronic system faster, easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for plumbers and pipe fitters. If you have read our bios', you'll see that we've hung some pipe and mounted several pumps over the years, and we know what kind of a pain it can be. Our first couple of products took off like a sling shot, and everybody like the quality of the product, and how easily it was to pipe up a mechanical room. We continue to innovate and search for hydronic solutions that can take an inexperienced tradesmen and make them faster, more efficient, and create a system that looks good, but more importantly, a system that works properly. The end goal for us is to save your company time and put hard earned cash back into your pocket. You will be able to do this if you choose to use our products and to "Rethink the way you plumb". 

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