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  • Expansion Tank Bracket 


    (Part # ETB-4.75x10A)


    (Qty 4 in a case)


    The ETB-4.75x10A universal expansion tank bracket is designed with x9 holes on the backside of the bracket. The outside holes match the 3.2 sq inches of the Hydro-Grid Panel. The middle row of holes are optional mounting holes to screw the expansion tank bracket directly to a 2x4 stud wall or a floor joist. Our universal expansion tank bracket can mount just about any brand of expansion tanks on the market. The ETB-4.75x10A can mount sizes 8" diameter tanks all the way up to 15 3/8" diameter tanks. 


    Included with each expansion tank bracket are x2 Jet Quick Connect 301 SS hose clamps and screw kits for the expansion tank bracket. The hose clamp range is 3.5" to 16". 


    This product is PATENT PENDING. 


    Expansion tank is not included. 

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