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  • Hydro-Pump Bracket


    (Part # HPB-EXT-1526-2B)


    (Qty 12 pump brackets in a case)


    The HPB-EXT-1526-2B pump bracket will mount a Grundfos 15-58, 26-99, 26-150 and Taco 005 thru 0014 (excluding Taco0012). The HPB-EXT-1526-2B has extended arms and 2 sets of mounting holes. The first set of holes is 1" and 1 1/4" centerline and the second set of holes is 1 1/2" and 2" centerline. These centerlines match the Caleffi 548 Series Hydraulic Separators. Mount the pump to the correct set of holes you are piping to avoid any rolling offsets.


    The extended arms allow you to mount the pump first and then attaching to the Hydro-Grid Panel. 


    Included with each bracket are screw kits and spacer kits. 


    This product is PATENT PENDING. 


    Pump is not included. 

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