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P# HPB-1526-2B

  • Hydro-Pump Bracket


    (Part #  HPB-1526-2B)


    (Qty 12 Brackets to a Case)



    The HPB-1526-2B will mount a Grundfos 15-58, 26-99, 26-150 and Taco pump 005 thru 0014 (excluding 0012). This bracket was designed with 2 sets of mounting holes. The bottom set of holes matches up with 1" and 1 1/4" Caleffi 548 series Hydraulic Separators  series. The top set of holes matches up with 1 1/2" and 2" Caleffi 548 series Hydraulic Separators.


    Each bracket is designed with 3.2 sq inches to mount on the Hydro-Grid Panel. Included in each bracket are spacer kits, screw kits and instructions.


    This product is PATENT PENDING.


    Pump is not included. 


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